Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old man winter

Winter is definitely here! Its been cold the past few days but today was supposed to be the worst (feels like -7!), and of course its my day to trek out to the barn to work off some of my board. At least I have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing to lend a hand :)

Charlie was less than excited about being forced to work, having had the last week off, but who can blame him. I think my biggest hurdle right now is going to be finding a way to release his energy safely and efficiently so that we have a brain to work with and our sessions can be more effective. We did a lot today on the lunge and in the rope halter, worked through several tantrums, and ended on a not too bad note. It was no glowing representation of Charlie's capabilities by any means, but we at least ended back near where we started last Sunday when M started working with him. I'm hoping, after today's workout, tomorrow we will be in a better starting place and can make more progress.


  1. That is horribly cold! I hope you get a break from the cold soon.

  2. I'm over this cold! Luckily next week is supposed to warm up a bit. :)