Thursday, February 14, 2013

Night and Day

Hello again after the blizzard! It was a bit of a chilly weekend for us (about 48 in the house by our best guess) and we mostly stayed cooped up by the fire trying to conserve heat. Dan's brother lives just down the road in town and had rigged a car battery to provide heat to his house (and he's on city water), so we escaped there for a little bit on Saturday once the snow slowed down to take showers, warm up and charge our phones. We finally got power back on Sunday afternoon.

The barn was luckier than us and was actually up and running, at least water and electricity-wise, by Saturday morning. Sunday, once the snow stopped and the sun came out, everyone spent the day digging themselves out. By Monday the weather had shifted to a gross soaking rain...all day....which managed to get rid of a lot of the snow (plus) but also make it pretty slushy and icy over what was left (definite negative). Luckily Tuesday was warm again and sunny, in the 40s, so what had iced overnight melted away, leaving behind only about 6-8 inches of remaining snow.

This whole cycle made turnout really limited, essentially nothing between Friday and Tuesday until they could snowblow paths out to the paddocks, so I expected that when I finally made it out to see Charlie on Wednesday morning he would be really amped up and I'd be in for a spectacular show. Quite the opposite. Night and day! That's the best way to describe the change in Charlie's behavior. I chalk a lot of it up to the Vitacalm, which he's been on for about a week now, although I was seeing progress before so at least a small portion must be due to us getting to know each other and learning to work together. Anyway, there's not much more to say right now other than I am very happy as I am starting to see the old Charlie that I met that very first day back in October. I now have a horse with a brain, and that I can work with :) I hope to be posting actual riding pictures very soon!

Trying to get February's conformation shot...

A bit better...hoping to be working under saddle very soon to fill out that topline

Kisses for the good boy :)

Very happy :)


  1. Excited you get to start riding soon :) glad you have power and water back now!

  2. Yay, power! That is not fun to live without. Can't wait to see some more riding pictures. You and Charlie look so cute together.

  3. yay! let me know if you want me to come out when you decide to ride. I can come and take photos :)