Friday, November 22, 2013

A Winter Vacation for Charlie

After giving it some thought I've decided it's in Charlie's best interests to move him over to Spring Hill for the winter. A few stalls have recently opened up (as training horses and a couple of others have moved out) and Jan has been really awesome putting together a working board situation that would help me pay for everything. Since I'm at the barn all the time anyway, it will be much easier for me to ride Charlie more consistently and I will have the indoor to use in bad weather. Plus I'm anxious to use the trails that back up to the property. I'm hoping that Connie and I can still make a weekly goal to continue riding together over there, if she's willing to trailer in with Gi. We had a lot of fun the last time :)

Most likely the move will happen sometime this coming week. Now I'm off to get two of Charlie's blankets fixed and cleaned by an Amish guy who was referred by Kate M. Gotta get everything ready for winter!


  1. Would it be crazy to visit you during the winter? Maybe I'll just take the train!

    1. Maddy, you can come visit any time you want :)