Monday, June 2, 2014

Enough western, let's jump!

Ok, so it was an itty bitty baby jump, but it was still a jump! I figured I should probably get my butt back into English gear and at least go over a few obstacles if I'm planning on going on a Hunter Pace this weekend. I didn't, however, feel like taking the time to lug around and set up a whole bunch of jumps, so we made do with the small stuff.

I was expecting to have to do a lot of pole work first and then set up a small jump, but you know what? Charlie went into the ring with his "A-Game" hat on and was almost offended that I didn't trust him to go right to jumping, so after a few trot pole passes I built the mini jump (and added a mailbox for color). I figured the mailbox might be scary, especially since it makes noise as the ring dirt hits it, or that Charlie might try to run out since I didn't bring in extra pipes to use for side poles, but he didn't care one bit. Up and over, without missing a step. What's next, mom? I was sorry I didn't set up a course.

We did it a few times in each direction, first trotting and then cantering, before both of us got bored and since I didn't feel like getting off again to set up more jumps, we went for a gallop in the long field out back. Charlie was being so calm and good and even though I knew I wasn't supposed to gallop in the field you can guess what we did (we could ride there in the winter but now the owner is growing hay; he just cut it, though, and I stayed to the side so I figured it would be ok). Anyway we both turned the corner, took one look at the vast expanse of openness, and off we went! And this time I actually let him gallop as fast as he could and pushed him for more. Exhilarating! 

When we came back to the barn I let him loose graze for awhile while I lounged on the lawn. So peaceful. I guess you could say it was a good day. :)


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