Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pre-winter shed

Two days ago we had a good night of rain so that meant Charlie rolled in as much mud as he could and I had a lot of cleanup to do today before I could ride (ankle is doing much better, but we're taking it slow since he's still not 100%).

I guess it really doesn't look as bad in pictures....
Since he's still blowing his summer coat there was a lot of short summer fuzz flying everywhere, especially on his face, but after today's session there shouldn't be much left to come out.

After I was done grooming and riding I gave him a big kiss before sending him out to the pasture and only realized after getting home (several errands later) that I had a huge smudge across half of my face that made it look like I was beaten and had a huge bruise across my jaw and right cheek. Whoops! The troubles of being a horse person in a normal world.


  1. I keep thinking I've got all of Miles' summer coat finally shed out... and then I go back the next day and there's more fuzz!

    1. It feels like Charlie has been shedding for weeks but the big one just came in the last few days. Hopefully after this major grooming session there isn't too much left (although that means fuzzy hard-to-groom winter hair...blah)

  2. Simon is doing this right now. It is not my favorite.