Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catching up

Sorry for the huge lapse between the last post and this one. There's actually been quite a bit going on but I've been getting home from work so tired I just can't bring myself to turn on the computer and type an update. Anyway, here's the basics:
  1. Last week I fell off Charlie for the first time. No harm done, got right back on, was actually very proud of him because (a) he started putting his foot down but lifted it right up and didn't step on me when he bucked/reared/I-was-forced-to-practice-emergency-dismounting, and (b) he stopped dead in his tracks as soon as I was off and didn't run experience for me! 
  2. This past weekend Dan and I spent at home visiting my parents in PA. We had a house full of dogs (Emma, my parents' two Goldens and our friend Connie's new labx puppy, who they were babysitting) but it was so relaxing and nice to spend time away with no "plans". Definitely needed the time away :)
  3. While at home I got to visit my favorite place: Equine Exchange. It's a huge consignment store and I could easily spend hours in there (much to the dismay of Dan and anyone else non-horsey who is dumb enough to volunteer to come along). This trip I was determined to find extra-long reins (check! $30), bath supplies (check!) and a fleece girth (double check! Thick fleece with velcro that can hook right into my Professionals Choice girth...$10. Score!)
  4. I finally got my act together and transferred my PA car registration. Now I am $120 poorer and my little Mazda is outfitted in shiny new RI plates...bittersweet :/
Today, Charlie was super amped and put on a nice show for the poor mom whose daughter was there for a pony lesson after only having started riding a few months ago. He was quite sweaty afterward but that's ok, I had planned to give him a bath anyway.  It was a gorgeous day, in the high 60s and sunny, perfect for the first bath of the season. Oh, I had also bought him an ear net because of the flies but, alas, his forehead is a bit too wide and ears too big: it popped off one ear within a few minutes. We'll have to sew in some velcro or try something else I guess. Here are a few pictures until I get a chance to post videos:

Sharing an ice cream at Lapp Valley Farm, New Holland, PA
Taking the dogs for a walk
So fresh, so clean....mmm! grass!
Poor pony, his ears and forehead are too big for the ear net :(



  1. Glad you didn't get hurt when you came off! What a good boy for standing right by you :)