Monday, May 13, 2013

Turning a corner

We've been practicing and Charlie has been awesome lately :) I don't know what caused us to turn the corner - whether it was the warmer weather, all the groundwork, something finally sinking in to that baby brain - but whatever it was I hope it continues because I like it! I have something I can work with!

Just for comparison, here is where we were only a few short weeks ago (I'm having trouble linking my youtube videos to my blog at the moment so I apologize but I have to just share the links): Charlie 4/24/13

Now, this is a video from Saturday: Charlie 5/11/13

Charlie is so much more relaxed in everything he does now. It probably has a lot to do with me feeling more relaxed, trusting him more, and trusting myself to deal with any bad behavior he throws my way. Also I'm in better riding shape now (although it's a constant battle for me to remind myself to sit up and back, especially when cantering, old bad habit). I think we're turning a corner :)

The neck stretcher is working really well. I like how it reminds Charlie to keep his head down and not to throw it up in the air without me having to intervene, but I think I'll transition to draw reins within the next week or so. Until I knew Charlie wouldn't fight the pressure, I didn't want to worry about holding on to two sets of reins if he started acting up, but now that he is used to the feeling of the neck stretcher, I can add in draw reins for more control over when pressure is applied and released.

I realize I have forgotten to post conformation pictures recently. Not much has changed. Charlie is still a little on the skinny side, even though I've added beet pulp to his dinner, and we're just now getting to a point where I can work on his topline so that's still not any more developed than it was. I'm sure by next month I'll have some better pictures so I'll update more in that department then, but here are at least a few cute post-ride pics from the other day:

Good ponies get lots of kisses
Happy Lauren
Which is my better side? This one...
....or this one?
See how he has learned to wait patiently?
Sweaty and still skinny, but very shiny


  1. Woohoo! You both look great! All your hard work is definitely paying off! :)

  2. I know how great it feels when they are going well. The warmth probably has a lot to do with it. Steady is a different creature when temps are 40 or below.

  3. man that first video- he is nasty!!!

    yay for progress!!! :)

  4. I'm so happy for you :) Not many people would have stuck with him through all that nonsense he threw at you over the winter but I am really glad he is settling down. He may be a warm weather horse like Lu but that's better than him being completely bonkers ;)

  5. Good progress report! Your bond will be a lot stronger now that you've stuck with him through all of the shenanigans :)