Saturday, June 15, 2013


That's right! Things were quiet at my barn for awhile, there were ongoing negotiations about moving to Palmer and things were looking up, but then on Thursday the Board of Health and Animal Control showed up poking around while I was there alone with Charlie. They were all very nice to me but after speaking with them and realizing how dirty things likely would get because of how much of a skeezeball the property owner is I decided just to get out (for example, I was told the property Owner would be posting No Trespassing signs by the end of the weekend and so myself and anyone else stepping foot on the property could be fined for being there). I really don't feel like being in the middle of all that drama (especially since next weekend I'll be leaving for 10 days to house-sit for my parents in PA so I won't even be in the state).

I called around to about 10 different barns that afternoon, looking for anyone in the immediate area who might have an opening. Only two called me back; one was full (the one I really liked from when I first moved up here but had decided against because there was no indoor for the winter) and the other was way too expensive. So today, with the help of Kate and Maddy I moved Charlie down to Melody instead :)
Pickles was sad to see Charlie go :(
On our way!
Lucy was super excited as soon as we pulled in...a new boyfriend!
Our new stall
Hmm, this isn't so bad
Look ma! There's a window!
Charlie seems to have settled in ok, although he was prancing around for the ladies a bit when he first got there. He loves the fact that his new stall has a big window and he can look outside. Lucy was very excited to see him pull up and they started calling to each other before we even parked the trailer. She and Pretty were like giddy schoolgirls running up and down the fence of their paddock chattering about the new cute boy in town.

This rough board thing will be a big adjustment for me as it is my first time being fully responsible for everything about a horse and it's soooo far away from where I live. It's a little intimidating trying to jump in all of a sudden but I'm lucky in that I have some great friends to help me out. Everyone has been super accommodating knowing that I live 50 minutes away and that this will make it impossible for me to get to the barn every day. I'll keep you guys updated with more later but for now this is about all I have the energy for; goodnight!

All tucked in


  1. wow, that's a lot of drama. While the move may be rough, at least Charlie's safe.

  2. That is crazy! I'm happy you moved Charlie with your friends horse's though. I'm also thinking of moving my horse to a rough board situation nearly an hour away to my friend' least I know my horse will be safe, and I'd have a support system. I'm sure you feel the same way. :) Good luck getting him all settled in!

  3. Yikes!!! Sorry for the drama!! Glad you were able to get Charlie out of there.

    And yay for friends to help you out!

  4. Sorry to hear about the previous barn drama, hope all goes well now with the new place!

    Video of him prancing is too cute, he looks fantastic!
    The shine off him! Wowza!

  5. I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I can't imagine having to make that decision.