Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of summer?

For the past two weeks Charlie has been shedding like crazy so even had the calendar not told me, I should have known fall was right around the corner. However, I was quite ready for it this soon...

Tonight is forecasted to be in the 40s, record lows. Good thing I've been working at the barn all week and someone mentioned the temp drop. Otherwise poor Charlie would probably be pretty chilly come morning!

Charlie and I have been keeping ourselves busy lately, despite the lack of my posts here. I've worked every morning at the barn and then gone over to Connie's house to take care of Charlie, Gi and the cats while she is away. 

I only rode twice this week (the weekend and Monday were beastly humid) and both times Charlie has been very good and brave. Every time I take him out we try a new route, slightly longer or with different challenges. I'm careful not to push him too much as I don't want him to get nervous about going out alone. Our newest fear is roosters. They make funny noises and like to rush out of the bushes unexpectedly. 

Today Charlie managed to throw a shoe so no riding. Of course he couldn't wait for the farrier to come out on Tuesday as scheduled! Unfortunately I called around and couldn't find a farrier to come out this week at all so he's got a boot for the time being. My friend, Emily, is coming this weekend and we wanted to ride (perfect timing, Charlie) so I hope he will be sound enough to go out. Otherwise at least I have other horses I could ride instead but I really wanted to take him. 


Last week Dan and I spent several days in Philadelphia with my sister, seeing the sights and getting our fill of local Philly cuisine. We were actually at the Liberty Bell during the MLK March on Washington celebration so we got to see a ceremonial ringing of the bell, which was pretty cool. We also went to the Mutter Museum of medical anomalies. I thought it was really fascinating; Dan almost lost his breakfast. 

Tomorrow the two of us will be helping unload hay at the barn, big tiring job but someone's got to do it (and, hey, making a little extra cash is never a bad thing)!


  1. Mismatched shoes... Nice :)

    Dang 40s already?!?! Fall is here!!

    Glad things are going well for you guys!!

  2. Geeze!! I love Fall but tend to like the 50's+ better as long as it doesn't reach the 80's. I dread the winter coats...I worked hard to get my sweet itchy boy all shiny. :(

  3. I think we're in for a rough winter. My pony already has winter fuzz going...

  4. Can't believe it's so chilly there! We're still near 100 degrees.

  5. Hey, you know those pro-football kickers wear a completely different shoe on their kicking foot. Who says ponies can't do the same!