Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life's About to Get Busy

Another reason it's been so hard to post lately is that I now have three part-time jobs. Yup. Three.
  1. Mucking/feeding/turnout at the barn plus training horses at least 2-3 days a week
  2. Assisting in corn research at Pioneer, a local research facility, 8-20 hrs per week
  3. Seasonal sales help at Target, starting in November (I had applied for this job before I got Job #2, but didn't hear back from them until I already had started the other job)
Pretty soon I know this means I will be working my socks off, but I think I can make it all work together and I'm hopeful that it will help me save up some money while I wait for Dan or myself to land something more permanent. I would have preferred one more full-time job but, hey, this is way better than nothing.

I still have my fingers crossed for this dream job that has been flirting with me from the wings for several years now (I won't spoil you with any details unless it becomes more definite, but it would involve art and horses so, therefore, it would be perfect), and Dan has had several semi-promising leads lately. Hopefully something good will come our way soon! Or maybe we could just win the lottery.


  1. Wow, busy for sure! Fingers crossed for a full-time gig soon for both of you - it will feel like a vacation when it comes along after 3 part-time jobs!!

  2. You guys need a serious break in this job hunting business!