Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

Part of the reason I've been so busy lately is that last weekend my best friend got married :) Dan and I spent a long four day weekend in Maryland for all of the festivities and boy did we have a great time. On Friday myself and a few other girls took Em out to the Baltimore Aquarium for her bachelorette party, non-traditional but a forever-long dream of hers, and then we went out for an awesome dinner and some drinks.
One of my aquarium favorites, of course
I am also completely fascinated by jellyfish. These were new to me: upsidedown jellies
On Saturday the girls got our nails done and then had the rehearsal in the morning followed by a rehearsal dinner at night, buuuut in between I had arranged for Part II of the Bachelorette Party, a surprise trip down to DC to see Cavalia!!

I had reserved tickets for Emily, myself, her sister and her mom (all horsey people) and so, of course, we all had an amazing time. I wish I could have taken pictures, it was all so spellbinding, but you weren't allowed any photography during the show. Let's just say that if you ever have a chance to see any of their shows, do it! You won't be disappointed. I had seen their original show once before when I was in Chicago and the things they do with the horses, live music, lights, and choreography is beyond magical. My favorite scenes have always been the ones at liberty, and in this show there was one part with seriously 30 horses all loose on stage at once. Simply amazing. And there was much more water in this show as well, which added a really unique twist.

A view of the awesome stage before the performance got started
On Sunday, despite questionable weather reports and a bit of drizzle in the morning, the sun finally came out a bit just in time for the ceremony. All of us girls had gotten our hair professionally done which is always fun and makes you feel special (mine, btw, lasted perfectly through the whole night of dancing, plus I slept on it and wore it the entire next day looking perfect....those stylists are amazing).

The beautiful venue: Cloister Castle, Lutherville, MD
The entryway into the castle
Emily looked so beautiful and the ceremony went off without a hitch (including my Maid of Honor speech, phew!). It was a smallish wedding, but I think it was perfect, and everything came together so nicely. Honestly it was one of the best weddings I've ever been to and I am so happy for Emily and her husband. Dan and I couldn't have had a more enjoyable weekend. :)

The wedding party
Me and Emily :)
Dan and I


  1. The show sounds fantastic! Looks like I'll be searching to see if they ever come down my way. :-) Congratulations to your friend and her new husband! The wedding venue looks amazing!

  2. Aw! You guys are adorable. Soooo who caught the bouquet?