Sunday, March 16, 2014

Estate dreaming

Every couple of months I like to go online and look at horse properties for sale. I'm not anywhere near being in the market but it's fun to see the absolutely outrageous how-can-anyone-afford-these estates and dream about what it might be like to live in one, as well as see the more affordable ones. Here's my most recent favorite, a completely redone 1860s farmhouse estate, complete with bank barn, pool and five acres of pristine, private land:

I am in LOVE with old stone farmhouses...and the pond is beautiful!

Yeah, that kitchen will do just fine
Um, yes please!
Bank barn and another outbuilding
It's like they built this from the blueprint of my dreams....You can find more pictures and information here: I'm drooling on my keyboard right now.

Obviously something like that isn't at all feasible unless Dan and I win the lottery (still Plan B), but it is refreshing to know that there are some other properties out there that would still fit the bill someday and (hopefully) not break the bank:

For example, this older but renovated farm house on 3 private acre property borders the Lehigh River (kayaking anyone?), has a lovely sloping lawn and is only $310,000. There is a 4-stall barn with electric and large matted stalls, a riding ring and three paddocks. I could definitely be happy with this :)

Nice outdoor ring behind the barn

Quaint but cozy

I love the updated kitchen
Looking at this stuff makes me consider what I really need in a home. Ultimately, I don't want a big house but it has to be quality. A decent kitchen is a must, because we like to cook, but other than that it doesn't have to be anything fancy or large as long as it's well done.

If I am lucky enough to have my horse(s?) on my own property, I also don't want anything big for them. I wouldn't complain if I had an indoor ring, but honestly all I need is a two-stall barn with a small tack room/storage, maybe one extra stall for visitors, and a small area of the yard where I can ride. If I could get that on 3-5 acres I'd be happy. Ahhh to day.....


  1. It's nice to dream...trying to win the lottery, but foiled again lol! I love looking at properties. Some of them are absolutely beautiful with gorgeous barns and homes. One day...

  2. I want nothing more than a two stall barn behind my future house for Molls and a companion of her choosing.

  3. So hey... Yeah... I'll pay rent... And run your barn. Get the big one ;)

  4. Keep dreaming, and one day it can be reality! Big houses are overrated...too costly to heat and keep energy, you will spend all your time in the barn!

  5. I love "fantasy" shopping for things like that :)