Sunday, March 2, 2014

Guy McLean

Guy is one of my biggest idols and today I got to see him at the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg. This is the same expo I visited with Emily in Maryland, but Harrisburg is a bigger show and tends to attract some bigger names, like Guy McLean, so I was really glad I was able to get out of work at the last minute and travel out to the show to see him today. He wasn't the only presenter we saw today but he was one of my favorites so here are a few pictures and a short video.

We got to see two of his presentations today. The first set of pictures is from the finale of his 4-day training session with a 3-year-old who has never been ridden before. It was amazing. And the horse is worth his weight in gold! What a brain he has. So fun to watch!
Guy's 4 and 5-yr-old main horses for the weekend
Learning to be ridden in control while other horses are at liberty
Not bad for your 4th ride ever.
Below is his round pen demo (which we actually saw first) just showing some of his training techniques and tricks. He's quite the inspiring and captivating presenter....and not a bad poet (apparently he's writing poems now too).

I am inspired by his quiet, natural way with horses and really admire his outlook on training, to "be a leader worth following," and I feel that if I can absorb even a little of his wisdom I will be that much better of a horsewoman and person in general.

In his own words today, "If we can all offer our very best in the moment, that's what makes life living. That is what it is all about." Words to live by, and not just at the barn :)


  1. I love watching Youtube videos of him. So cool you got to see him in person!!