Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Charlie gets a lesson in patience

Charlie got his feet done today and he was a particular nutter for the farrier. He usually gets bored about 2/3 of the way through but today he was dancing around from the very beginning. Nothing bad or nasty, but seriously annoying.

The plan was for Dan to hold him while I continued training the other horses but Charlie wasn't having it and was really giving him a hard time, so I stepped in and made him back all the way down the aisle, then walk/stop/walk and turn on his haunch a few times until he started listening and was willing to stand still.

Finally being a good boy
I am soooo glad I got the snow pads put on Charlie, they have been a godsend this winter. It's hard to believe but they are already showing lots of wear from all the ice and snow we've had even though they've only been on for a few months. By the time Charlie's next appointment rolls around in April we should hopefully be into some nicer and more seasonal spring weather so it won't matter that his pads are shot. However, at that point we will have to deal with mud. Honestly, give me the snow and ice any day; I hate mud season :(

On a different note here is a short video from the beginning of our training ride with Coty on Friday. Charlie's still a bit stiff here, working out the coldness and kinks, but he is calm and responsive which I couldn't say three months ago.

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