Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finnagan and Flint riding and driving outside

Both big guys have been doing fabulously lately. Under saddle Finnagan (the spotted one) is a pro: he has an easy "go" button and will walk/trot/canter with no issues in both directions, and he (surprisingly, for such a big guy) turns on a dime, at least at the trot.

His brother is coming along slower. Flint is the laziest horse on the planet, even lazier than Coty. His initially much more dominant personality, though, means that we have been taking it pretty slow with him but his improvement has been a total 180.

This weekend their owners dropped off a harness rig; the cart will be coming the end of this week or the beginning of next so we can start real pulling work. Both horses seem to be having no issues with the extra tack, despite all the jingling, so today we decided to take them outside and try driving them around the parking lot. 

Like any baby, Finnagan had a hard time when we introduced a new stimulus like being outside and suddenly forgot how to do two things at once: he couldn't move forward and turn at the same time. It's funny how that will happen with the young ones. Overall both horses did really well, though, and it was a nice change of scenery to be outdoors.

Edit 9:35pm (the correct video I forgot to include earlier)
Here's a short video showing Finnagan, who loves the snowbanks, deciding to full on scale one snow mound when I first asked him for a trot instead of listening to the cue to turn. What a character!

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  1. Wow, big boy can move out! I love the snow mound video, very cute baby-driver ;)