Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free lunging success!

A bit far away but he looked so handsome
Today I decided to just have some fun with Charlie. So I brought him into the indoor and let him loose while I proceeded to gather every random object I could find: barrels, tarps, a few mismatched poles, a giant ball....then I started free lunging.

At first I had to coax him over the tarp with a lunge line
Guess that wasn't so bad
Charlie was all discombobulated over this jump
He was excited but listening and I had him doing inside and outside turns, going over the tarp and even jumping a tiny jump! For my first time free lunging him it wasn't bad at all and we both had a ton of fun :) Props to anyone, though, who is able to direct a free-lunging horse and successfully videotape him at the same time....the video below was my third attempt and (still!) as soon as I pressed "record" on my phone I started to lose my solid cues and connection to Charlie and he immediately picked up on it and got choppy. I need a GoPro!


  1. I can never video and do any lunging at the same time.

  2. I sometimes struggling with walking and talking at the same time, so I'm really impressed!

  3. Go Charlie go!! I'm impressed with your free lunging abilities in general. Mollie is fairly sure free lunging is a bad joke.

  4. GoPro's are amazing. You definitely need one. Love mine!!