Thursday, July 10, 2014

New gear

Old paddock boots make way for the new! 

Old faithfuls
Thanks to and their already amazing deals topped by an Ariat Closeout and additional 4th of July savings, I was able to get a brand new pair of Ariat Heritage Breeze zip paddock boots for only $67! My poor old ones (of the original Heritage variety) had served me well but have been through hell and high water over the last 4 years and despite my continued attempts to re-condition them and WD40 the zippers, they were finally starting to die.

No amount of waterproofing or conditioning can save that
Completely wore through multiple layers of the heel
The Breeze boots will be a new thing for me, but Horseloverz didn't have my size on sale in the ones I usually buy so we'll give the washable ones a shot. 

I was actually going to get the matching half chaps (also on clearance) since I succeeded in breaking the zipper pull on my well-loved Grand Prix ones last week (and have worn through the stitching and leather inside the calf). That was until I measured my leg and realized that Ariat models must all be very tall, spindly-legged people, i.e. not me. I should have known, having tried unsuccessfully to find Ariat tall boots in the past, so I opted instead to give some Ovation half chaps a try. They have much more customizable sizing options and seem to be very nice and flexible. Plus they have a super cute quilted leather top :)

The spoils. Aren't the halfchaps cute?
As you can see I also scored a cool ear net/fly veil combo that I've been wanting to try for trail riding since Charlie's normal crocheted bonnet just doesn't cut it out there, as well as some galloping boots. Actually, the galloping boots were a mistake purchase. I had them in my cart to save for later but my computer glitched in the middle of editing my order and they ended up being accidentally purchased. Oh well, they were on clearance too so I didn't waste much.

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  1. Let me know how the fly veil works out. I've wanted to try that with Apollo (my delicate flower with pink skin). Looks like a good haul! :)