Thursday, April 9, 2015

Big News!

I had been working in fits and bursts over the last week trying to compile a summary post about Charlie's progress, squeezing in edits between plowing through work projects, scrambling to pack and get to the airport for an Easter weekend vacation, and ultimately devoting a lot of quality time to my family while down in Kiawah. And then? Oh yeah.....I got engaged! :)

Dan and I are both very excited to finally have made our commitment to each other "official." He is my perfect counterpart and helps remind me what is important, making sure I never sell myself short, and always supporting me in everything I do....Yes, that includes horses, at least to a reasonable degree ;) ..... This has been a loooong time coming, we couldn't be any happier, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy the ride every step of the way!