Friday, April 10, 2015

Summary of the last two weeks

Last week went pretty well riding-wise. We did some basic flatwork western-style on Monday, including a little cantering and a trot pole, lunge work on Tuesday, English walk-trot flatwork Wednesday.

Why do I have to work in the mud?
Charlie seems less stiff overall each day, which is good, but his feet have been bothering him with this soft wet ground. I've been treating them with Farrier's Fix and thrush medication on his front right (it's a pretty minor case, and my farrier cut away most of it when he was here, but Charlie is still tender on that foot). I plan on getting some Farrier Barrier, as recommended by my farrier, soon to hopefully help with the moisture issue.

My jury rigged bareback pad with a butt strap to encourage tucking worked surprisingly well
I've also been able to isolate a small problem spot along Charlie's ribs on the right, right around the girth area, that is definitely sore. His right side has always been touchy, but previous physicals didn't show anything. I'm thinking he may have gotten himself kicked at some point in the past month or so and is still healing. I wouldn't put it past him. Or maybe he sleeps on that side more than the left and gets achey. The vet is coming next week for spring shots and I'll make sure to mention it to him.

April 2014 conformation. Not horrible for having the whole winter off.
The highlight of last week, though, was definitely trail riding next to a couple of deer. We came across them after exploring the back field, and though the two deer shot out from behind a brush pile not ten feet from us, startling both myself and Charlie, no one took off for the hills.

The initial staredown
Actually, we calmly watched each other for maybe a minute before Charlie and I decided to continue down the trail. We had to walk directly toward the deer to go home, and they sidestepped a few paces but weren't really spooked, opting to parallel our path and study us instead, ears flicking and nostrils going crazy. At one point they let us get within ten feet or so. I'm sure they were trying to figure out what that weird growth was on Charlie's back. It was kind of surreal to get that close without them running away, and I'm not used to a horse that is this ok with deer!

Unlike last week, this week was kind of a loss. Upon returning from vacation it has been nothing but rainy and miserable outside. I managed to squeeze in one ride yesterday in the middle of a light drizzle, but that was it.

Misty, rainy mess
Charlie has become extremely good at standing while I work around him

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  1. Thrush sucks. I hate it and it is SO HARD to get rid of!!