Saturday, December 28, 2013


Wow, where did the time go? This Christmas season just seemed to fly by....probably had something to do with the fact that I worked at Target at least three nights a week until well after midnight and then had to get up to ride and work at the barn at 6am the next day. When I wasn't at Target I had the night feeding shift at Spring Hill. Busy busy busy!

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house with my sisters, eating our traditional Meal of Appetizers (yum!), making margaritas and playing card games. The next day we enjoyed my parents' annual Christmas Day brunch followed by the opening of presents, after which Dan and I drove up to see his family in New Jersey.

Emma makes a pretty cute reindeer

One of my parents' dogs, River
Bailey wanted nothing more than to nap on his new fox toy
Asher puppy is getting big
Emma babysat Asher during present-opening

It was a really nice low key Christmas and I got several nice things, including some money to spend on myself and horsey things for Charlie (very excited to hit those post-Christmas sales and my favorite consignment store). I also got a couple of horse books that I'm eager to start reading: Denny Emerson's "How Good Riders Get Good" and a Penny Cummings book of ground exercises and connecting with your horse.

New Defender rain sheet for Charlie

Emma got her own stable blanket! So cute!
We came home Thursday afternoon, amidst a TON of traffic, and quick scooted over to the barn to feed the horses. Thank god for Dan, he finished feeding for me since I had to run in to Target. All in all it was great to see everyone but after all that traveling we could all use a day of rest I think, including Emma:

Are we home yet?

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