Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Low man on the totem pole

After being in a private paddock for his first week, Charlie has now earned the right to be turned out with the rest of the geldings. He's is a pretty easygoing guy when it comes to meeting other horses - no squealing or pinned ears or pawing (although he does seem to have a nervous pee like a dog....anyone else heard of a horse doing that?!) - but whenever too many horses are around he'll get nervous and take off. Spot, in particular, seems to have made it his personal mission to pick on poor Charlie. Whenever he's around he makes a point of running Charlie out to the other end of the field. :(

All alone....
So Charlie spent the last three days alone at one end of the paddock while everyone else chilled in the other. I know it will just take time for him to be accepted into the herd, and each day gets better as he starts to make one friend at a time, but right now I feel so sorry for him. He's like a nervous kid being dropped off for the first time at preschool; unfortunately Charlie's the one sitting in the corner coloring while everyone else plays kickball and occassionally uses him for target practice.

Being able to expel all this extra energy outside, though, does have its benefits. Today, for example, Charlie was wonderful and quiet and I was able to enjoy a lovely bareback ride at the walk, trot, and canter. That I could get used to!


  1. I wish we had turnout like that. Its hard to watch your kid get picked on, hang in there!

  2. awww so sad...maybe he likes his alone time to think :)