Friday, December 6, 2013


When Charlie had his face injury several months ago, one of my readers suggested trying MTG on the wound to help minimize scarring and improve the regrowth of hair over the area. So, though skeptical that it was too good to be true, I bought some and after Charlie's nose was done looking "wound-ish" and was pretty much just bare skin I switched out the neosporin for MTG. Everything healed beautifully! Now you can barely tell there was anything there.

See? Barely a bump
One try is not quite enough to convince a skeptic, though. So I decided last week to try the MTG again on some slow-healing old bite wounds. Charlie liked to rough house when he was with Gi and so when he arrived at the new barn he was sporting several huge bare patches on his cheek and under his neck.
You can see one of the bigger ones, this was taken back on 11/12/13
I figured these spots would just fill back in but even as of last week this one (shown above) honestly looked exactly the same. Plus Charlie was sporting several fresh bites. So once he got to the new barn I decided to try using some MTG. After only one week of application, every other day, this is what we have:
That's new hair on the cheek wound!
New hair started growing within days and the newer, more raw bites (like the other one you can see above) are about 50% improved. Some of the smaller bare patches on his sides are almost completely gone. Ok, MTG, I'm impressed.

The bottle said MTG can be used on the base of the mane or tail as well to encourage longer healthier hair. Charlie has an awesome tail, but his wimpy forelock is a whole other story. Maybe with some MTG it will grow into something a little more respectable. Anyway, MTG you sold me!

Enough about the MTG. I'm cookies?


  1. I think I was that reader that said something! :) I'm super happy that it worked for you!!! If you look back at older photos on my blog, you'll see that my horse had no forelock or mane-no joke, NOTHING from sweet itch!-and his tail was gone, after a few weeks of grew like CRAZY! :) Now his mane is getting thicker as well. I loooove it!

  2. I'm glad it worked for you. For some horses it causes major irritation because it's in an oil base :(

    1. Glad that didn't happen for him because it worked great. Smells really weird though....kind of like burnt bacon? haha