Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Micklem Success

Kate (of Lucy's Quest) was nice enough to let me borrow her Micklem bridle to try after she saw it was on my wishlist and I finally got the chance to give it a go today.

Within a few minutes Charlie was trotting as nicely as I've ever gotten him, soft and long, and was giving into the bit pressure when I asked, neither too high or too low with his head. Either he was just having a really good day, I was riding exceptionally well, or the new bridle had something to do with it (I was also riding bareback since he likes that and I was feeling more balanced there than in a saddle - I think my english saddle throws me forward too much).

Anyway, we'll give it another few tries but I am pretty happy so far! Thanks, Kate!

Here's a few May conformation shots for you as a bonus:

I never thought his topline would pick up!
And he's keeping weight really nicely too


  1. Glad the bridle seems to be working!! His topline does look great :)

  2. I picked up a Micklem at the Dover Tent Sale last month. Daatje goes really well in it! I like how simple they are.