Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It seems like the more I do with Charlie and the more I buy for him, the more I want to get. That can get dangerous quickly.

So far in the last week I bought some open front jump boots, a bit, a new helmet, a western saddle pad and another western saddle (used) to see if it fits any better than the one I currently have. I mean, when Horseloverz is having a flash clearance sale, or you hear of some other crazy good bargain, how can you pass this stuff up?

Every time I get another Dover or SmartPak catalog in the mail, I meticulously go through page by page, earmarking ones that I like. As if I'm actually going to buy the Tad Coffin saddle or GPA First Lady helmet....Someday I'll have the money to get some of these things but in the meantime I just keep adding them to an ongoing wishlist. Here are the top five big ticket items (but realistic, and in no particular order) that are on it so far:

1. Rhino Wug medium turnout - $205. I am just in love with the X-front closure and high neck, plus the cutouts that allow the blanket to wrap around the horse's belly. And this navy color would look stunning on Charlie.

2. New Ariat paddock boots - $200. I only buy Ariat paddock boots and have never gone wrong with them. I love their 4LR technology and you can't beat the comfort of an Ariat sole IMO.

3. Pessoa Legacy XP3 XC saddle - $2500. This is my dream saddle. I know, there are plenty of nicer ones that are twice that price but my budget doesn't even allow me to dream up there right now. It really bums me out that Charlie doesn't fit in a Pessoa because they fit me perfectly and I really love the lines and look of this one in particular (plus I sat in it and it fit like a glove).

4. Bates Caprilli CC saddle - $1500. Since Pessoas do not fit Charlie, a Bates is my next choice as I have heard they are budget-friendly and fit high-withered TBs really well. Plus I like a saddle with a narrow twist and medium-deep seat. This will likely be my big purchase item in the next few years as I'm just biding my time with my current saddle. I'll have to try out a few different models but so far I like this one.
5. Micklem bridle - $190. I've always wanted to try this bridle for Charlie since he is so face-sensitive; I think it might really work well for him.


  1. do you want me to send you Lucy's Micklem to try? she's not using it right now.

    1. Kate if you aren't using it and would be willing to let me try that would be awesome! I think Maddy might be coming down for a visit toward the end of the month, she might be able to bring it to save you the shipping. Thanks :)

  2. I love my Rhino blanket. That said, it took a beating this winter, hoping to get a new one too! The blue would love wonderful on Charlie!