Monday, March 9, 2015

A great weekend...and a ride!

This weekend was full of fun stuff with my friend, Emily. On Friday, we spent all day at the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, and, although it is nothing like Equine Affaire, it was still really fun to wander around the booths and listen to some presenters, including my favorite, Guy McLean :) Plus Jan was there, the trainer I worked with back in PA, so it was nice to catch up with him.

Oh, Guy, how I love thee
Saturday was a day of wine tasting and shopping at local tack stores. One of the consignment stores was having a French saddle event, and I unexpectedly discovered the coolest saddle ever: a WISair Dutton RZ saddle (Wise Equestrian).

I have never sat in anything so comfortable and that put me in such a good position; it just felt perfect (and I've sat in plenty of saddles across a wide range of price levels). The cutout in the seat, although meant to promote cooling and airflow along the horse's back, was the ideal solution to my chronically sore tailbone. Plus it has an adjustable gullet and nice wither clearance, which only make it even better for a horse like Charlie.

In the saddle market, this one is actually a very reasonable $2600 (base). However, it will unfortunately be some time before I could even think about affording something like it. The worst part, as I learned after coming home and doing some research, is that they are no longer being produced because Dutton has partnered with Antares instead! Gah! I guess I'll just have to add it to the wish list and hope that when I am ready to buy, I can find one used.

Em and I enjoying some wine with some Lafayette alums on Saturday night
On Sunday Emily and I took a nice morning hike at Oregon Ridge Park. I quickly realized it was going to turn out to be a gorgeous day, and Emily had to get to her barn for spring shots anyway, so as soon as we were done I booked it back ride my horse! At a beautiful 40+ degrees, how could I not go riding?!

Charlie and I didn't do more than walk, with lots of bending and a little bit of trotting. After all, we are both really out of shape and the deep wet snow wasn't great footing-wise, but we did it!

Charlie was reluctant to move forward at first, biting at my legs when I asked him to reach out and resisting by hollowing his back with his head in the air. Once he realized I wouldn't stop asking, though, he gave up and I was able to get him to stretch a bit. We've got a lot of ground to make up after both having the winter off, but I know he knows what he's supposed to do, and it is encouraging to have had such a positive first ride back (behavior-wise) without really lunging or anything beforehand. 

After we were done, I hand walked Charlie down all the way to the end of the driveway to cool him out and test whether the "driveway demons" were still there in his mind. (If you remember, he wasn't too keen about leaving the barn when I had tried this before.) This time went really well, especially since we had to go through some pretty big, deep puddles. It was really good experience for him, reminding him that water is not something to be afraid of. Overall, a really good day!

Look at us, waaaay down here
Checking out the puddles
I would have ridden again today, but I'm super sore, so I'm sure Charlie is too. Plus, today was Dentist Day. Hopefully we can try again later in the week!

Always amazes me how they just stand for this


  1. the seat cut out on that saddle is crazy!

  2. They are unique saddles! Hope you find one eventually.

  3. Hey! So it's come to my attention that Blogger isn't updating/redirecting my old blog to my new one. I'm going around commenting on all the blogs I follow because I don't know how to contact everyone otherwise. My old blog Horses: The Process of Learning is back in action at This is some kind of blogger error. But I would love for you to come follow me over there! Thanks girl!!

  4. Did they sedate Charlie for the teeth float? That is what they do with My Boy. He had to have an extra dose so he was really loopy, it was over an hour before he started to raise his head and come around from his standing "nap." That saddle looks cool, hopefully you'll be able to find a used one. I'm surprised they won't continue the design, maybe some other company will pick it up?

    1. No, I've never had him sedated for it, although I know other horses who have been. Charlie's always been good and the dentist has been able to float what needed floating without sedation. I was hoping maybe they would continue making the saddle under another name but I haven't seen anything like it. From what I have researched, people who have them love them and don't give them up. But I'm still hopeful I may be able to find one used somewhere!