Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another snowy day

It feels like Mother Nature is trying to pull us into spring, but Old Man Winter is really giving her a run from her money and doesn't want to give up his throne. Who can blame him? He's had a damn successful season! Anyway, all we seem to be getting lately are marginally warmer temperatures that allow the spring-like showers to pour, but none of the sunshine we need to dry everything out. Today we're getting dumped with more snow after a night of pouring rain, which means lots of mucky heavy slush.

It is really pretty, despite the muckiness

Two days ago I had to dig out the main barn door with a metal shovel ice-pick-style because it was frozen solid in several inches of ice. This whole freeze/thaw thing isn't working out so well when any melting snow has nowhere left to go and then freezes solid again at night! It's no real use shoveling it either; it just melts and oozes back the next day.

That's a good 3-4" deep puddle of slush

They say we'll have another 5-8" of snow by 7:00 tonight, and I believe them. It's still really coming down and has been since around 6am. Luckily I already work from home, and Dan decided to join me rather than brave the nasty roads.

My friends out west are talking about their horses shedding out (what?!), but here we still seem to be firmly encased in winter. Hopefully the warmer "sheddier" days are just around the corner! In the meantime, Charlie seems to enjoy seeing me for our regular grooming and blanket changing sessions, and of course a few Winnie's Cookies, one of his favorite treats. :)

Good boys get cookies, right? And I'm being good!
In other news, this weekend I'm visiting my good friend Emily, and we're going to the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg. We might have missed the Maryland one this year, but I can't think of a better way to beat the winter blues than to have a horsey getaway weekend with a great friend :)


  1. Brantley still loves Winnie's Cookies! He's having the winter time blues too. Mother Nature needs to kick it in gear!

  2. It's snowing here too again...will it ever end??