Friday, March 13, 2015

A taste of springtime

Wednesday was simply glorious! At 60 degrees it was the perfect riding weather. All I could do with Charlie was walk because the ring was completely flooded underneath with about 5 inches of snow on top. But, even still, I saddled up in my english tack and had a lovely hack on the buckle: all around the ring, down the central corridor and all around the far pasture, and up and down the entire length of the driveway. Knee deep snow banks, huge puddles, and rushing rivers of run-off were no problem for this brave man :)

I even managed to get in a small trot between some of the puddles in the driveway, although dry and solid ground was hard to find. Charlie was excellent. I was hoping to ride again yesterday, but what snow was left had turned super slick and sharp on any crusted edges, and I didn't think it was safe. 

Another piece of good news.....
It's starting!


  1. Miles is just starting to shed too!

  2. AH! Can't wait to get on my boy. ^.^

  3. Yay. It's so nice hearing you having good rides on Charlie.