Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Excursion...success!

This evening I took Charlie out on a trail ride for the first time since coming down to PA and he was fabulous! I was such a proud mom :) My neighbor, Kate, and my mom came along on Buffy (a big TB/draft cross) and Poppy (the best old all-around pair you will find). With those two easy-going companions Charlie had nothing to fear. 

We rode sans noseband since Charlie's injury fell right where the band would but Charlie didn't seem to mind and it didn't seem to affect my control too much. Here's a picture of his nose today:

Since I wasn't sure how he would react to cars zooming by on the road I opted to stick mostly to trails. When cars did go by, though, Charlie really wasn't bothered, which was a good sign. 

At one point we went exploring in a partially cleared set of lots where they will be building a new development and everything was covered with small downed sapling and branches (so much so that it looked like a beaver dam in places). I looked at it and thought "that's asking for a broken leg" but the horses were being really calm and careful so we decided to explore a bit. Charlie had no problem leading, stepping over and between logs, or pushing aside branches. He only minorly freaked out once when Buffy went ahead out of eyesight to scope out a trail and left him and Poppy behind but once she was back he calmed right down. 

Throughout the ride Charlie took turns leading and following and we trotted and cantered a bit as well. He came right back when I asked and was so well-behaved. I was thrilled! We cut through Kate's property on the way home so Charlie could see his long-lost bestie, Emmett, from his previous home. It was so cute! They definitely remembered each other, calling out as soon as they were within eyesight, and snuggling right up with each other when they met. :)

Once we got back I brushed him down and sprayed him all over with sore-no-more since we did a lot that he wasn't used to. I plan to go out again tomorrow and/or the next day to work on some hills and road desensitization; it will definitely be nice to be a lot closer to him now. We'll get his butt in shape in no time!


  1. Glad to hear the first trail ride was a success :) To many more!

  2. That nose is looking better! I'm always surprised that my horse isn't more bothered by the cars.