Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Racehorse Emerges

Yesterday when I was out on a ride with my mom and Kate M. I got to see a little bit of Charlie the Racehorse. We were leading (naturally) and we decided to canter a bit on one flat part of the road. Charlie has done this before with other horses behind him, but I guess never with one like Buffy who was keen to catch up. As soon as he heard her coming up from behind he grabbed the bit to go. I wouldn't let him get too much faster - I still have never gotten close to letting him run for real (plus he needs grippier shoes so he doesn't slip on the blacktop) - but he still was allowed the lead so he settled down again. Then when Buffy pulled alongside he really pulled and when I wouldn't let him go he responded with a nice head toss and a buck/kick in frustration. Guess you can take even the most unlikely racehorse away from the track but you can't take the race out of the horse. :)


  1. Just goes to show they love to run, and (unlike greyhounds) are not forced to do it :)

    1. Re: the Greyhounds, I disagree. I had an ex-racer who lived to run. I doubt he was forced to on the track!

    2. Forced was the wrong word. But, I just meant they are baited, where the horses clearly are not. I don't dispute greyhounds love to run - most dogs do - but they are just as inclined to be couch potatoes, and do not need as much exercise as the general population assumes they do.