Friday, August 9, 2013

Mutt and Jeff and My Week to Relax

Charlie and Gi are like Mutt and Jeff:

And the difference in the amount of food they get is pretty comical:

But they are happy together and, while Gi is definitely the boss, they seem to enjoy each others' company. Here's a video from last week, playing out in the paddock on their first day out together:

With no immediate job for me out here besides some freelance work which doesn't need to be done quite yet, I took the opportunity to relax this week and do all the little things I haven't had a chance to do. Besides running various errands, stocking the kitchen, etc. the majority of my time was spent in some way or another taking care of the horses and cats while Connie is away.
Ember, waiting patiently for her dinner
Barn kitties at dinner time

It's very therapeutic to take care of the animals; sometimes all it takes to clear my head is to sit with the horses and watch them enjoy their dinner. Charlie seems very happy here too. Although I know he (and myself) miss our old barn a lot, I think this is going to work out ok :)


  1. that looks like pony heaven to me!

  2. We miss you too!!! But he seems relaxed and I'm glad you're getting some downtime. You deserve it.

  3. Awww! Charlie has a bff! <3