Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blanket shopping and the Pennsylvania Farm Show

After our ride on Saturday Emily and I went out to the consignment store to go shopping. I had three things on my list: a new halter (check), bell boots (check), and a new heavyweight winter blanket since Charlie has filled out and his doesn't really cover his belly anymore. The first two items were easy. However finding a blanket, not so much. They had well over 100 blankets and I think we honestly looked through every single one, pulling them out to check the weight and eye-ball the size. I had finally narrowed it down to a very nice Weatherbeeta with a high neck (but which unfortunately was a size under what Charlie normally wears and was purple, not my favorite for a chestnut) and a black Masta (which I had never heard of but is apparently pretty popular overseas and was absolutely gorgeous).

My plan was to bring them both home and then return whichever one didn't fit. Unfortunately the store wouldn't allow any returns on consigned items so I reluctantly decided it wasn't worth the risk. I couldn't afford to spend $150 extra on a blanket that may not make it. But Charlie did get his halter, with a matching lead, some used but quality bell boots, and I got some new gloves. I'll continue my bargain blanket searching online I guess.

Charlie's new halter
On Sunday Emily, Dan and I drove out to Harrisburg to check out the Pennsylvania Farm Show. It was definitely an experience. Horse people may be crazy but honestly this was like watching a dog show but with farm animals. I've never seen so many primped, poofed and pomaded cows in my life. People were styling their hair with blow dryers and teasing it "just so"....I had no idea this type of thing existed! 
Fluffy cow
Big horns
Love the brindle!
If it didn't cost $10 I so would have done this
Of course there were also lots of sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and every other kind of farm animal you could imagine.
I really want a duck
Giant goose
Champion turkey
Yes there was rabbit petting and, yes, we participated :)
We missed the rodeo, which was Saturday, but got to see the 6-horse carriage competition and a mounted police demo. 

Mounted police

Oh, and there was a 1000lb butter sculpture.
That's a lot of lard
At the end of January Em and I are going to attend the Maryland Horse Expo which will definitely be a bit more up our ally as horse people but the farm show was a lot of fun anyway.


  1. Sounds like a fun event- love the brindle cow too! Sorry you couldn't find a blanket for Charlie but he looks snazzy in his new halter! :) I wish we had a tack consignment shop around here - we don't even have one with English riding apparel and I really could use some used breeches for my lessons!

  2. The WB might have been fine because they run big, so Lu wears a 78" in most blankets but in Rambo, Amigo, and Weatherbeeta she wears a 75". Still, that's a big risk when they won't let you return things! Hopefully you'll find one soon.

  3. I've always wanted a duck too!

    Good luck on your blanket search!

  4. There are some good blanket groups on Facebook you could try :) also sometimes tack of the day has good blanket deals. Good luck with the hunt.

    1. I do love TOTD. I actually got Charlie's rain sheet from them and it is awesome!

  5. Weird they wouldn't let you return it! Especially blankets. :( Other stuff I can understand. Farm show looks like fun!

    1. Yeah, I was like not even a 24hr return policy or something? They said they couldn't verify it would be returned in the same shape as it left since it wasn't new. BS I say, but I guess it gives me an excuse to shop new :)

  6. Rodney the bull is super cool.