Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maryland Horse Expo and OTTB fun

This weekend I drove down to see Emily in Maryland and boy did we have a good time. We spent all day Saturday at the Maryland Horse Expo (not as awesome as Equine Affaire - honestly how could it be? - but was still tons of fun with lots of great shopping). We saw several good demos on round pen work and ground training as well as some of the stars of the Thoroughbred Makeover (some were pretty fancy!). And of course there was loads of great shopping. :)

Gaining respect on the ground...and a super cute QH
Versatility challenge, always fun
Hahaha love all the butts on these mugs!
I got to ride sidesaddle! Feels so different but more secure than I thought
Some of the TB Makeover stars showing off their skills
I scored two new blankets for Charlie, an unfilled 1200D WB turnout sheet for $55 and a 1200D 350gram "World Beater" high neck turnout for $125 (pretty sure this is a knockoff Weatherbeeta that is made in the same factory - retail price was $225 and it looked very well made). I tried them today when we got home and they fit perfect!
Heavy winter blanket
Steal of a deal on the lightweight WB
Of course I also got some small knickknacks, plus some yummy fudge and quiche. Always gotta sample the food (thank god I wasn't sick anymore and could enjoy it!) :)

On Sunday Emily took me down to her barn and I finally got to ride her horse, Ronin. He's a big OTTB too, a little older than Charlie, and goes like a warmblood which is cool and very different than what I'm used to.

Emily warmed up on him while I rode another awesome TB named Saxton who was so good and adjustable and a ton of fun, and then we switched.
Isn't Saxton totally adorable?!
A different view: bleached out Charlie!
Me and Ronin
Such a good boy
Saxton was much more "huntery" (also different than either Charlie or Ronin), but he would do exactly what you asked, whenever you asked it; when you pointed him to a jump and told him to go he would jump anything!

That was the best part, actually, I got to jump again. I may not have jumped anything more than a single fence in the last year, but I still got it! It was reassuring to feel it all come back, like riding a bike, and really amped me up to get Charlie started over fences....I feel jumping in our near future :)


  1. I'm glad you got to get on a quiet pony to get that jumper feel again. You and Charlie were definitely built to take fences. Plus, I need someone to look up to when B goes over his little baby ones!

    1. It was definitely a confidence booster for me :)

  2. Sidesaddle is surprisingly easier than it looks isn't it!

    1. So much more so! I thought I'd feel really unbalanced but once I was "locked in" it felt very secure.