Friday, January 17, 2014

New Blanket!

I've been down with some sort of flu-like bug since Tuesday, which is no fun, so no riding updates for Charlie as he's had the rest of this week off. I did, however, find a blanket :) After much online shopping and research I found a closeout 1200D Weatherbeeta freestyle in an 81" from Valley Vet Supply for only $129 with free shipping, and I had a coupon for additional money off, so I figured that kind of deal can't be beat and I snatched it up.

It came in on Wednesday and when I tried it on Charlie it fit perfectly. I love it! I opted for the high neck to take pressure off his shoulders and sharkfin withers. This blanket also has a neat wither relief pad sewn into each side of the back alongside his withers which should help relieve pressure as well. I like that the front of the blanket is cut a bit lower with sturdy fleece edging along the neck so even without a V-clip closure Charlie has free range of motion in his neck when he grazes and he doesn't get pinched. The 1200D will be key, too, since he's out with a bunch of other geldings and needs the blanket to be sturdy and rainproof. I went with an 81" (which is what Charlie had been wearing), even though WB tends to run big, and I'm glad I did as it seems to fit really well. I wonder if this means I should be looking for 83's in everything else?

He looks so snazzy now in his blue blanket and blue halter (the only color the blanket came in was blue so that worked out perfectly). I've never gotten such a nice blanket before, let alone a new one, so this is really exciting! :)

All in blue
I will be doing more blanket shopping this weekend, hopefully, at the Horse Expo in Maryland (soooo excited!!). I discovered after wearing his old blue medium blanket for a few days in a row Charlie got some nasty rubs on his shoulders; so the mediumweight is now too small, and the heavyweight is too short in the drop. Guess it means he's putting on weight/muscle, though, which is good....and who doesn't need an excuse to go shopping? :)