Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekly update

Charlie has been doing really well with his round pen work, which is mostly what I've been doing with him due to the freezing cold weather. We've got inside and outside turns pretty much down pat and you can really tell it's helping with his listening and concentration skills. After only a few minutes the other day I had him following me around the ring with no lead, stopping, starting and backing on cue.

Yesterday we had a heat wave here (temps were above 20 degrees) and the outdoor ring and sunshine were beckoning so I decided to give it a go out there for once.

Heck yes!
Look at all that fresh unspoiled snow
Not anymore!

Charlie had a blast and it was a good workout for him. The snow was definitely deeper in some areas than I had expected.

The big boys are coming along. Finnagan is doing great, I have ridden a few times already and trotted both yesterday and today. Here's a short video. Sorry for the crappy quality, but Jan's camera phone wasn't set for hi-res.

Flint is also turning a corner. Last week he finally started to "get it" and stopped being so aggressive. We were able to saddle and bridle him and start with the long lines. Then today I got on him for the first time (wish I had pictures but, sadly, no). Here's one from the first day with a saddle (and let me tell you that's a looooong way to lift up a heavy Australian trail saddle!).
I rode Coty twice this week while both big boys were in the ring. A few weeks ago this would have caused a meltdown but his desensitizing sessions seem to be working. He didn't react at all when he was moving around either horse, beyond some ear pinning and a tail swish or two. When standing next to Flint he did squeal and strike twice but quickly realized that it wasn't fun to immediately yield his hindquarters and make a tight circle. After that he could stand relatively close to each of them without making a fuss.

Some of the biggest news, though, is that I finally got up on Sage, the chestnut mustang.

I am in love with this horse and really think she has a lot of potential. She is so sweet and smart and she definitely let us know when she was ready to do more than just groundwork. Here is a short video of her warming up before I got on, reinforcing voice commands and getting her acquainted with the feel of the saddle moving on her back (we'd been doing this for a few days). I'm really looking forward to working with her under saddle early next week.


  1. I'm so jealous of all the ponies you have to ride! I seriously missing having a bunch of greenies around. As much work as they are they can be so rewarding!!

    1. I really love it, I think even more than riding a more seasoned horse. I like seeing their progress

  2. I love a freshly drug ring.. a freshly snowy one looks fun too!

  3. You are getting Some great training experience! Glad you like the Mustang! My mustang mare is sweet and smart- almost to much so, lol! She is only 3 and still acts like such a baby at times. She's got great potential my trainer loved her!