Monday, July 1, 2013

Back in RI

Today marked the end of our "staycation" in PA and so it was with dragging feet that we packed up the car and headed back north. There was one big thing to look forward to, though....Charlie!
Happy grazing pony

I would be be lying if I said that there wasn't a part of me that really wanted to get on and ride, especially after hearing about how good Charlie has been for Kate this past week. However, the vet had come out today to give Charlie some vaccines so, considering his bad reaction to the last set, I had decided not to ride and potentially stress his system. Also, to be honest, after hitting some major traffic that caused us to miss the vet appointment in the first place and then spend almost 7 hours already in the car on a trip that (in total) should have only taken us 6-6.5hrs, I really didn't feel like doing much of anything but getting home. Luckily Kate was nice enough to hold Charlie for the vet - she said he was an angel - and I still got to stop in and smooch him before we continued on home. I was going to do his stall but Maddy was one step ahead of me. She's so good :)

On a side note, Charlie has been dealing with some strange hives for the past few days, who knows what from (tree in the paddock? Mosquitoes???) but the vet doesn't seem to think they're anything serious. They're not itchy and they've been responding well to Benadryl so I was glad the vet suggested holding off on any other meds...I'd rather stay away from any steroids anyway if they're not needed.

Charlie seemed very happy to see me and got a nice grooming and lots of treats before I put on his brand new bell boots (the pull on kind...which SUCK to put on, btw, but hopefully will last a bit longer than the velcro kind). He also got to spend some quality time getting to know Emma, or rather, Emma got time to get used to him. Charlie couldn't have cared less.
Emma, always ADHD
Ok that's a good sit but Charlie won't look at the camera
Hi, Emma....
Wowza, you're big!
See, Emma, not so bad
I'm not so sure about this....
This was the best we could get...and now Charlie is bored. Sheesh,

I promised Charlie I would be back soon to ride him. As we drove away he looked up and watched us nice to see him so happy and relaxed :)

Such a handsome boy :)


  1. One of the most endearing things he did while you were gone is run as fast as he could to the gate whenever I went out there, even if it was just to take photos of his hives lol. It was adorable.

  2. Love the last photo with the pooch!
    Hope you have a great time getting back in the saddle and that all goes well with getting rid of the hives.

  3. Glad you had a nice vacay, and thanks for the message! I know Charlie is happy to have you back!

  4. I'm so glad you guys are happy! :)

  5. Cute pictures. Hope your first ride back goes great!

  6. Cute pictures!

    Henry gets hives sometimes when turned out cause he rolls in the pokey weeds. Hope Charlie feels better soon!