Saturday, July 13, 2013


It's that time of the month again: I needed to get Charlie's feet done....Desperately....Wednesday marked 6 weeks since his last shoeing and while in the winter Charlie could go 8 or 9, this was really starting to push his limits and his unshod back feet were really starting to flake away. Being in a new barn meant I was looking for a new farrier, though, since I'm no longer in the same area as before. Luckily Kate and Maddy both had highly recommended their own farrier so I decided to give him a try.

What a wonderful guy! Now, I didn't not like my old farrier, who actually really did a nice job with Charlie, but this guy was amazing! I was super impressed by the way he had me trot Charlie out a few times mid-process to make sure he was making the proper adjustments. That's the first time I've had a farrier ask me to do that. To me it really showed that he was customizing the job to Charlie's particular needs. In addition, he took the time to massage and stretch Charlie and show me how to do certain stretches and exercises to loosen the tight areas of his back and hips. I'd been doing some stretches with him before but after seeing how easily the farrier was able to release Charlie's tension with a few simple maneuvers, and how much differently Charlie moved afterward, I will definitely be adding in the exercises he showed me and try to do them much more frequently.

Charlie seemed to really like him too (or at least his buzzed hair) :)

I'm too sexy for my shoes
Kisses for the farrier :)


  1. Yay for finding a great farrier!! :) that and a good trainer are must haves for me :)

  2. Tis the season for new shoes - I tried a new farrier yesterday on recommendation of two friends after I still haven't heard back from my previous farrier - pity as i liked him & his work.
    New guy seems to have done a good job, girls behaved and were able to stay barefoot behind, so far so good as he is a bit more expensive than last guy and unforunately only speaks German :(
    Two minor negatives for me me, but as I'm on the same shoeing cycle as my friends who can communicate with him - all's well that ends well!

    Fingers crossed it all works out! :D

    1. As long as he does a good job and someone can understand him then I think you're good! Plus it definitely is nicer to be on the same shoeing schedule as someone else in the barn.