Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Not too much to report here, which I guess it a good thing because it means Charlie has been good for me :) I rode on Wednesday and he was fabulous. He stood perfectly for me to get on (thanks Kate!) and was a real gentleman at all his gaits. We even jumped a small crossrail a few times, which he loved. I also tried out the new figure 8 bridle I had gotten for him (super discount deal from, love that place!) and it seemed to work well. At least he looks spiffy in it, if nothing else.

Today I was hoping to possibly ride but I woke up a little later than I wanted too (work holiday party last night) and, since I had to get back to host our own holiday party this afternoon, I decided I would just lunge Charlie a bit in the side reins....I really would like to make more of a habit of doing that to build up his back. I'm actually itching to try Kate's "Faux-soa" rig: see her blog post here Faux-soa....However, as soon as I stepped out of my car at the barn I started dripping sweat and the poor pony was completely sweated out just being in the field.

Poor sweaty pony

Look at that face, he's too hot for even Lucy's kisses :(
 With the heat index it felt like 90+ degrees and I just couldn't bring myself to make him work; one or both of us was likely to end up collapsing from heat exhaustion. So instead I groomed him and scratched his itchy places, gave him lots of kisses and let him have the day off. Happy 4th of July, Charlie.