Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometimes Charlie is just too cute

Since it's been way too hot to ride, Charlie and I have been splitting our time together between baths and hanging out in the barn doing stretches and making sure our ground skills don't get rusty. The other day, though, I let him munch on a bunch of the grasses and weeds alongside the paddocks which, unlike the rest of the living earth, are loving this hot and humid weather and are shooting up like crazy! True to his nature, Charlie couldn't help but be adorable and share some with his friend, Brantley:


Everyone else was jealous (and of course standing in the sun, don't ask me why)

Nom nom nom...look at all this grass!

Brantley says, "Hey, can I try some?"

"Um, B, I told you one bite!"

<sigh> "That was a big bite"