Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Big Move and Why I have Insurance

This past weekend Dan and I packed up all of our stuff in a uhaul, loaded Charlie in a trailer and headed down to PA. We actually won't be permanently moving until next weekend but figured we'd use the availability of a few extra hands to move the majority of our stuff now. Plus Charlie had to be out by the first of the month. My friend, C, was gracious enough to drive up to RI with her trailer to get us and provide Charlie with a place to live down in PA. :)

Charlie traveled great! He didn't seem to care while we sat in some heavy traffic (bad accident on the other side of the highway) or when we drove through some intense rain. We stopped at one rest stop for a quick back-of-the-pickup lunch and a tour bus full of Israeli tourists stopped alongside. They were fascinated and were taking all sorts of pictures with Charlie (who was loving all of the attention, of course). I guess we were a sight with our horse in the trailer and two dogs sitting next to us while we ate  lunch on bales of hay in the back of the pickup...

Once we got down to my friend, C's, house and unloaded Charlie he seemed to settle right in. C has the cute Icelandic that I rode earlier this summer, Gi, who didn't seem too phased by the presence of another horse in his barn. 

On Monday I let Charlie and Gi out in the paddock together for the first time. There were no shenanigans or bucking/kicking episodes which kind of surprised me. Charlie ran around for a bit before I let him in with Gi but then once they were together they settled right down to grazing size by side. 

Charlie also found a new kitty friend :)

I figured all was well and so Dan and I headed back up to RI so I could finish out my last week at work. Then this morning I got a call that Charlie had sliced his nose open on something in the paddock and the vet was on the way. Lovely! I felt really bad because (1) this was Charlie's first injury and I wasn't there; (2) he hadn't ever been badly hurt  before; and (3) C hadn't even gotten a chance to get to know Charlie before having to deal with a medical emergency. It wasn't pretty:

Charlie's ok, though, and is all stitched back together. C said he was a very good boy and he ate his antibiotics right up tonight. He'll be on those and some bute for a little while until he feels better. I think I'll pick up some Manuka honey from work to try to help with any scarring....silly pony...wish I could be there. This is why I have insurance! 


  1. I know there have been all sorts of posts about insurance by various people but what coverage do you have that it takes care of those sorts of things? Do you mind my asking how much it costs? I would love to hear about what company you are using etc. Here is my email if you would prefer... that is if youre willing to share at all. :)

    1. I'd love info too!! Karleychall@yahoo.com

      Hope Charlie feels better ASAP!!

    2. I have Markel, a really basic plan that only costs about $450/yr, but this is my first venture into the horse insurance world and the first time I'll have to make a claim. My mortality isn't high at all, only $3500 or so since Charlie's "value" isn't very high, but honestly I was more concerned with the major medical which will cover $10,000 total should something happen ($7500 regular for illness/surgery/injury, plus an additional $2500 "colic-only" payout). I opted for a surgical rider, though, which has a $375 deductible and will end up paying me back some of what just happened since it was a bit over that. I'll keep you guys updated once I make the claim and let you know how things turn out!

  2. Ouch Charlie! Hope he gets to feeling better soon- poor guy!

  3. Oh poor Charlie! Hope he feels better soon