Monday, April 28, 2014

Beauty day for Charlie and new training horses

Charlie got a much needed bath and beauty treatment today in preparation for his Coggins pics on Wednesday. Even though he rolled 3.5 seconds later he is at least much cleaner than he was and I should be able to touch him up pretty easily. Mane evened out, tail brushed and glossed, throat and fetlock hairs trimmed up....he's lookin good!

And, pose!

All shiny, except for the roll marks
I smell a mare!
Remember I was talking about his tail?
Brushed and polished, so shiny it sparkles!

Back out with his boys. He's the only one who likes the two new guys

In other news, we just got a new training horse in, a Belgian/QH. OMG beefy, loveable hunk! I rode him today for the first time and he was soooo comfy and willing and responsive. He is going to be a ton of fun!

Chewy's a big guy, that's Flint the Percheron on the right
We also just got in two paint mares, 9 years old, who have never been ridden. That will be a different experience, trying to break all the bad habits they've picked up from being lawn ornaments and pets for the past five years.

That's Chewy on the left and the paint girls on the right


  1. Coggins pictures? Huh. Didn't know that was a thing! Miss had blood taken for hers today and I always laugh internally as I watch my vet draw out her spots;)

    1. Yeah it's a new thing. Charlie's first one was by hand but this one they take digital pictures.