Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog Hop: Appreciating what you have

After going from being in love with my horse and ready to tackle the world yesterday morning to wanting to rip him a new one after his completely inappropriate behavior with the farrier, I think now is a good time to remind myself of the good things about Charlie.

Thanks L of Viva Carlos for the Blog Hop inspiration. Here are some of Charlie's pros:

He is a great eater and never leaves a scrap of hay or grain behind (need to give meds? no problem! Just throw the pills in with his grain and he'll eat it right up)
He has some definite prospect for jumping
Fantastic feet!
He has a gorgeous coat and a tail that is a million different shades of chestnut, auburn and mahogany
If I fall off and the reins slip or Charlie gets caught up in something he stops and waits to be untangled, sometimes with one foot in the air (god bless you, Charlie!)
He lets me put him in all kinds of jury-rigged tack and accessories

He poses for pictures like a pro
He gets along with pretty much everyone and everything
If he gets hurt he is a perfect angel for doctoring, even if it means scrubbing and flushing a painful wound
Indoor, outdoor, trails? Charlie does it all and he doesn't need a buddy, but friends are fun too :)
Charlie can go English, Western or bareback and can be ridden in just a halter


  1. He is gorgeous and looks like such a sweet boy!

  2. He does have a gorgeous color! :) Love that you can do everything with him!

  3. He's gorgeous, adorable, and you guys have worked through some big stuff to look like amazing pair.

  4. Yay Charlie!

    Henry freezes when he gets into weird predicaments too- waiting for help!! lol love it!