Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foiled by the farrier

After a long weekend in NJ with Dan and his family I was very excited to get back to the barn and ride Charlie so I made sure I finished up with the training horses around 10 so I'd have enough time for a quick ride before the farrier got there at 11, give Charlie a chance to get his jollies out. But as luck would have it the farrier came 35 minutes early...so Charlie didn't get ridden, and was a complete ass because of it. *sigh* At least he's cute!

In his defense there was a lot of commotion and new horses being worked in the ring, but still. So much for a relaxing ride. I'll try again tomorrow. 

(As a sidenote, I've never really used a chain on Charlie but he was being so horrible I finally put one across his nose for reinforcement. Quickly learned that was the wrong thing to do and that it only made his reaction worse. I should have known, he's so sensitive to face pressure. Will not try that again). 

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  1. This is why my blog is called "It's a Good Thing You're Cute" -- because on many occasions with Promise, that was the only thing that saved her, lol. And, the same goes for my dogs...I'm working at home today and they've been barking non-stop. /sigh.