Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clean bill of health for a not-so-clean Charlie

Charlie got the first set of spring vaccines on Wednesday so Tuesday I spent a long time grooming him and making him look pretty, after all the Coggins involves digital pics now so I wanted him to look good. Well he was clean until just about an hour before his appointment. Then it started raining and he decided to roll in the mud. The Coggins will have to wait until the vet comes back in a few weeks!

(I had taken a picture to insert here but just upgraded my phone and the last several pictures I took seem to have gotten lost along the way. So you'll just have to take my word for how mud encrusted Charlie was on his entire left side) 

He was still able to get his vaccines and a full physical, though, and received a perfect bill of health. The vet said he has awesome legs and feet and complimented his easy (and big) way of going.  She also couldn't get enough of his "watcha-doin?-let-me-help!" personality. He's such a ham. I love him :)

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