Monday, April 28, 2014

Flint and Finnagan update

Flint and Finnagan, the two drafts, are doing really well. Flint especially. He has made a complete 180 from the aggressive and touchy guy he was before to a horse that is very sensitive and fun to ride; once he trusts you he will give you everything he has, which I really like. Plus he is very adjustable in his gaits. Can Percherons do dressage? I think this one can. :) Here are a few short videos of both boys from the other day.

Finnagan is nice and comfortable, but kind of blah; it's hard to get through that blocky head. He's very cute, but not my cup of tea for a riding horse although he is more rideable by multiple people than Flint who is definitely a one-person horse. Both are for sale and will stay at our barn until they are sold.

I actually got to ride Flint's mom, Bonnie, today (sorry no pictures but she looks just like Flint only bigger and beefier) in preparation for a prospective buyer who is coming to see her tomorrow and she was amazing. Thirteen years old, having not being ridden for 2 years, I just got on and went and she was practically perfect, automatically going into a frame and everything. What a nice horse! She will make a wonderful backyard/trail horse for someone. The family who owns all of these guys is liquidating due to retirement/health issues so they're trying to find homes for all five of their drafts and their ancient quarter horse.

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